Kattya Cuevas

👩‍💻 Software engineer 🗣️ Organizer at Ruby Peru and Tech Talks 👩‍🔧 WTM and Auth0 Ambassador
Kattya Cuevas

I’m Software Engineer, and I’ve been a developer for more than eight years. I’ve built apps about education, mental wellness, legal assistance, and video streaming, and I worked as Tech lead, teacher, CTO, mentor, speaker, leader, facilitator, Full Stack, and Backend developer. I’m also an organizer at Ruby Peru and Tech Talks communities and a WTM Lima ambassador.

In my spare time, I use to play with my child and talk about technology. I’m obsessed with programming and promoting women's participation in technology.

I can learn fast, and that helps me to switch technology easily. I've worked with Ruby on Rails (Ruby), Django (Python), React (JavaScript and TypeScript), React Native, Electron, and Vue.

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